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Analyst Benjamin Cowen Warns of Huge Ethereum (ETH) Crash Incoming – Here’s His Price Target

Benjamin Cowen, a popular data encryption investment analyst, believes that although the price of ETH has soared this month, it may still face some tough days in the future.

Cowen told its 783000 YouTube customers that in his view, ETH is likely to fall to $600-800, about 50-60% lower than the current price.


At the time of writing, the trading price of Ethereum was US $1579. The second largest crypto asset by market value has fallen by more than 2% in the past 24 hours, but has risen by nearly 4% in the past week.

Cowen shows that the price reduction of ETH will return it to the regression line of most investment properties matching the "non foam plastic data information"

"My view is that the continuous bull market of Ethereum will not occur until Ethereum has spent a period of time in China's industrial base. I understand that it has been flirting with this degree for a period of time, but it is surprising that in fact, it also makes Ethereum's personal credit, which is still more elastic than I thought

Even so, I still think it is very likely to enter this relatively low return zone at last. Of course, whether this means that you want to do it or that it will come to you still needs to be stated. I think it is more likely to go down at last. "



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