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Coin Bureau Predicts Ethereum (ETH) Layer-2s Will Play Dominating Role in Crypto Payments

A popular password investment analyst says a second-tier new project based on ETH is likely to be in the core password payment industry in 2023.

At an innovative strategy conference at YouTube, pseudonym money bureau host Guy told its 2.19 million subscribers that password payments will become more and more popular this year.


I'm sorry about 2023... The fifth password prediction analysis is that encrypted payments will become more and more widespread. Once again, this will benefit from stronger front, increased control clarity, and, above all, improved scalability, which will eventually make encrypted payments more and more feasible. "

Guy indicated that the second layer will play a leading role in more and more encrypted payment layers. The second layer is the new encryption project, which aims to improve the intelligent contract service platform's ability to handle total transactions per second (TPS).

This predictive analysis comes from a series of headlines I encountered this summer, including ether founder Vitalik Butlin showing how the second layer of the etheric layer should be paid with a password. This is not without reason, of course, except for BTC, Ethernet is the most secure foundation of payment system software.

With the upgrade to an intelligent contract service platform Ethernet, the rise of second-tier encrypted payments is more likely, he said. The Ethernet improvement proposal 4844 (EIP 4844) in the scheme is devoted to the application of "fragment stain transaction management" to enhance the scalability of block chain technology.

In addition, real estate developers will implement the Ethernet improvement proposal, or EIP-4844, sometime next summer. For those who are not familiar with EIP 4844, EIP 4844 will result in a 10x to 100x increase in layer 2 scalability in Etherum. Since most Layer-2 have already solved hundreds of TPS, this improvement will cause them to be at odds with Visa.

At the time of writing, the ether was transferred at a price of US $1212.



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