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Crypto Analyst Michaël van de Poppe Forecasts Ethereum’s Trajectory in Early 2023 – Here’s His Outlook

Micha ë l van de Poppe, a popular login password investment analyst, said Etherum (ETH) could have a "large-scale" breakthrough earlier this year.

In a video of a new YouTube strategy meeting, the van der Pope style told its more than 163000 YouTube subscribers that the smart contract service platform could increase by at least 6.5 per cent in a few months.


"there has been a very big upside breakthrough. You could say that after falling below $1187, you are now seeing sideways consolidation, breakthroughs, retesting and large-scale moves to $1249. In this respect, this whole piece (between $1263 and $1280) is likely to maintain friction for a short period of time, and before we break through together, we're going to do some testing-- or decline-- for some time to come. Who knows.

Van de Poppe says it could make a big breakthrough if it can break through the total demand of $1330 in the next few months. At the time of writing, Etay Fong was changing hands at a price of US $1248.

"We can define important levels in this way. The key to breaking the upward barrier is $1280, which could end up with short-term volatility. The important support area is the area around 1220 yuan, which allows you to shake your head so that you can get close to the top of the section [$1339], or most likely close to the section here [about $1550].

If we get close to $1330 in the next few months, let's grind it together, and the end of the first quarter is likely to be a very big one. But it's just a different issue.

The relatively low duration architecture analysis does not indicate a significant shift in both directions, he said. But he pointed out that if the ETH gradually rebounded, please pay close attention to the trading volume to see if it will maintain its relatively high price position.

If we look at the relatively low duration architecture, you can say that if we just look at 15min, I will sort it sideways, so now I don't want to get too much information from this point, except that I will make up for my double head between $1220 and $1230.

If we are going to have a structure in which people are moving higher again, you need to look at the trading volume to be sure that we are going to get rid of the upward trend. If that's the case, I can have a position. It may indicate weakness, I will look for empty orders, and then I will explore the double ends of the section [$1220 to $1233].



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