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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says One Asset Is Most Undervalued in a Generation – And It’s Not Bitcoin

Johnson Kiyosaki, a post-90s writer, shows that there is an asset that trades for much less than its investment real estate-he is not referring to his favorite encrypted asset, BTC.

The author of the rich dad and poor dad told his 2.3 million Twitter followers that investors did not care enough about the precious metal silver.


According to Kiyosaki, he allows Yang Zi Shaiknays, chief executive of Miles Rice, a precious metals trading firm, to take the position that platinum is by far the most neglected asset of a generation.

Kiyosaki, a long-term investor in gold and platinum, also warned its followers that a global financial disaster was likely to be imminent.

According to the popular author, his country is likely to see a phenomenon similar to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

"Please. Please, please, please. The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Is it followed by a bank run? Is the deposit frozen? Is there an escape plan next? If you buy coins in the real sense, I can't make money. I just want you to be fully prepared for what's coming. You can buy a real coin for about $25. Take care of yourself. "

He says traditional investment methods are likely to fail to protect everyone from his prediction of a financial meltdown.

"for years, I have been saying, 'Deposit, investing in a diversified strategy consisting of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) is a risky idea.' Today, it is still a riskier opinion. I still believe that gold, platinum and bitcoin are more suitable for periods of unrest, although prices are also fickle. Take care. "

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin traded at $22516.


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