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Top Analyst Predicts Rallies for Fantom and One Ethereum-Based Altcoin, Says ETH Looks ‘Hella’ Bullish

A login password analyst known for his accurate prediction and analysis of the end of BTC (BTC) at the end of 2018 feels that bullish price behavior for ETH, Fantom and a low-market alternative currency is coming.

Pseudonym analyst Smart Contter told its 221400 Twitter followers that Etherum competitor Fantom looks ready for an uptrend after correcting a decline and increasing diagonal friction.


"the dollar pair and the BTC pair fell below the FTM downward trend, and the macro structure is a clear three-wave sinking. Because of the market price this weekend, it's hard not to look for a double head on some things.

The shrewd subscriber practices Elliot volatility theory, which is an advanced technical statistical analysis method that attempts to predict future price behavior by following the group psychological state usually reflected in the ups and downs. According to this basic theory, bullish property tends to repair the upward trend after the three waves fall or ABC waves.

At the time of writing, ftm traded at $0.413, well above analysts' diagonal pressure of $0.37.

Then there is the block chain technology retrieval agreement GRAPH (GRT). According to the login password trader, GRT also looked bullish after the fall in ABC waves.

"so many balls look good.

GRT experienced a five-wave rise, followed by a weekly decline in clean ABC.

At the time of writing, GRT was worth $0.144, up more than 10% over the previous day.

Seeing the ether, Smart Contter showed that the top alternative currency looked strong after bouncing back from the bottom of $1372 on March 10th, closing at more than $1500 the week before.

"Ghost, the special issue now seems to be very bullish, and it is certain that the solid repurchase market is close to the close of the market."

At the time of writing, the etheric price was $1678, up more than 5 per cent in the past 24 hours.


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