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Trader Who Called Precise Bitcoin Bottom Says One Ethereum Competitor May Soon Outperform BTC

A login password trader who was suddenly bullish on Bitcoin last November is updating his market outlook.

In an interesting video, DonAlt, an investment analyst under the pseudonym, said Solana looked very strong and was probably preparing to overtake BTC.


"I like Sokali very much... I like the bitcoin here. I think it is very possible to outperform the market in life.

The dollar has fallen a little against the dollar, but it is not so obvious.

For other alternative currency markets, traders are still particularly bullish on Litecoin (LTC).

DonAlt bought LTC around $60 at the end of November and said that if LTC could raise $100, he thought there would be much more room for interior growth.

If he struggles around $100 for a while, embracing this friction, I think fashion concerts are much better. So it's not easy for me to let go quickly.

We've seen this before. Letterkin has always been an exciting business, just like twice. He struggled with the price of $100, but I think it is fading at this time. It may have left, I think if it is very easy to double. So it doesn't seem particularly impossible to go from $100 to $200.

As for the development of Bitcoin, DonAlt believes that Bitcoin's main encryption assets are likely to reach at least $32000. At this point, he may need to reassess.

"(about) 32000 dollars is enough for me. At this point, I will certainly sell something, or at least gradually make some profit, because this is a very big rebound. To tell you the truth, I can see that he will rise higher.

I hated it when he posted that we might return $60000 when the price was $16000. I think now, if we go up another $30,000, you can see a lot of people saying,'it could be $60,000'.

This just reflects how it works. Especially at the data encryption level, you can always reduce it by 5 times or 10 times, but you can always reduce it by 95%.


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