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Top search|Gate.io Exchange's employee claims: Internal embezzlement


Gate.io Exchange's employee claims: Internal embezzlement.

Top search|Repeated professional downtime, who gave the Huobi courage?


On September 26, 2018, Huobi broke down. A large number of users collectively expressed that the display of Huobi global mobile version and web version was abnormal, and accounts were frozen, assets were not displayed, currency orders could not be placed

Top search|The victim Ms Lin restore the whole process of the KuCoin was cheated!


In recent years, with the popularity of blockchain, digital currency and other concepts, a batch of virtual coins represented by Bitcoin has also made many investors realize the dream of getting rich overnight.

Top search|"MEXC Exchange" was investigated by authorities, AO project cut leek, investors' rights


"MEXC Exchange" has become one of the emerging exchanges by virtue of frequent online resonance coins and air coins. Recently, "mutual gold association joint central bank began", the liquidation of domestic exchanges, 1CO projects. According to relevant s

Top search|Binance is suspected to be a conduit for money laundering, so investors should be wary


Recently, one of the bosses of Huobi, Binance, OKEx and China Currency was arrested. The remaining Binance and Huobi are not too safe. Because Huobi is too similar to OK's model, people are holding a heart and hanging a bile.

Top search|Did the Huobi fall because of infighting? ! DK by red wanted Binance trading lunc spike!


Huobi CEO Hua Zhu is to blame for the deal's failure, according to an anonymous source who claims to be a Huobi insider. Huobi lost $150 million on Vires, which is equivalent to more than half of Huobi's revenue.

Top search|Binance has blocked hundreds of millions of accounts, so Binance is not safe


Half a year, Binance founder Zhao Changpeng lost twelve figures! Not only that, Binance has recently been listed as a fraudulent website! My asset is still inside, want to log in website also can't ascend! Oh, great. Binance's not safe anymore.

Top search|Huobi nine SINS of 4:Prematurely burst the stock


Do you know what the "three sickles" of exchange harvesters are?Answer: Pull out the network cable! Pin! Burst the stock in advance!

Top search|BiKi, MEXC new action, unscrupulous exchange found a new way out


BiKi and MEXC, two unsavour exchanges, have recently resurfaced in Singapore after being absent for some time since they announced their high-profile abscond.

Top search|A network collective is checked! MEXC retreat into the final closing!


At the very beginning, A large number of users found that Network A could not log in, only prompted account error, password error, user information did not receive.