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Ethereum Far From Bottom of Bear Market, According to Analyst Benjamin Cowen – Here’s His Target

Benjamin Cowen, a closely watched login password investment analyst, predicts that ETH will continue to fall until the next big bull market.

At a new countermeasure conference, Cowen told its more than 784000 YouTube subscribers that the blockchain intelligent contract service platform might retest the bottom points in the upper and lower limits of most re-entry maps before the ether entered the big bull market.


The idea is that the ether makes this good-looking run every once in a while, but it usually touches home plate in the middle of this Mavericks run. And I just sit outside this level for a long time. To some extent, it feels like a joke, in a sense, just outside the relatively low return moving average.

Cowen shows that the ether is likely to fall by at least 53% from its current use value. At the time of this writing, the etheric transaction price was $1626.

"now, when we talk about the 'non-foam data information' of investment real estate, I think one of the things you should pay attention to is that, so to speak, this is the level, which is now $750. This will make you blow your eyebrows and say, well, wait a minute, this is too low than we were in June. It is still felt that the ether is likely to be lower than the June level.

Cowen also warned that the economic downturn could create a new low for landing password sales, no matter how long it has been bullish.

"A lot of people think that risky assets are not easy just because they have been falling further over a period of time." But I would like to remind you that even long after your key stock market bear market era, there is a lot of property, even data encryption, may hit a new low.

Recall that in 2020, many digital currencies hit new lows. I don't believe that ether is one of them. But in fact, it is very close. It's kind of like a two-tier bottom.



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