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Largest Ethereum Staker Warns of Consequences of SEC Regulation After ‘Dissapointing’ Enforcement Action: Report

It is reported that an executive at one of the largest ETH betting service centres has outlined the possible adverse effects determined by US controls, which have recently launched a crackdown on the field of login passwords.

Jacob Blish, head of market development and cooperation at Lido Dao, told Bloomberg in a new interview that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently shut down Kraken's new betting program, which could in fact benefit betting services like Lido's.


"I received that I wanted to know more about 'will this affect Lido? What do you think of this? Personally, this will be a net benefit for unauthorized liquid bets or betting service providers on the transmission chain, but it really depends on what the final solution is.

But Blish shows that, frustratingly, login password developers and projects know nothing about how regulators deal with this new industry level.

"the most disappointing thing is that, as an area, clarity is gradually required, but as a Chinese citizen of the United States, I cannot get clarity and progress in the management process [of regulators]."

The Lido executive also stressed that if government departments were to be managed again according to inspections, it could have an impact on US investors.

Personally, as a man in the United States, the biggest risk is if he comes out and says that I can no longer interact or contribute to this kind of agreement. As a knife driver, does this mean that I don't want to go to work in Lido anymore? Do I have to go and do something else?

According to the website of this project, more than 5.1 million ETH has signed with Lido enterprises at this stage.


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