Macro Guru Raoul Pal Updates Outlook on Bitcoin, Predicts BTC Reaches $50,000 – Here’s His Timeline


Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal is updating his outlook on Bitcoin (BTC) after a massive rally amid US banking failures.

Here’s a Realistic Scenario for Bitcoin Before Next Bull Market, According to Analyst Benjamin Cowen


Popular crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen is unveiling his outlook on what happens to Bitcoin (BTC) before the next bull market fully kicks off.

Financial Giant Credit Suisse on Verge of Collapse As Bitcoin Banking Narrative Takes Hold


A massive bank is now on the brink as fears about the safety of the modern banking system spread around the world.

Shiba Inu Whale Abruptly Moves 800,215,912,624 SHIB As Dogecoin-Rival Developer Dispels Code Rumors


A Shiba Inu (SHIB) whale is abruptly moving hundreds of billions of tokens as a project developer debunks rumors that Shibarium, the ecosystem’s new layer-2 protocol, utilizes stolen code.

Here’s When Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Beta Testing Will Be Complete, According to Lead Developer


Shiba Inu's (SHIB) lead developer Shytoshi Kusama is providing a rough timeline for the successful completion of its layer-2 project's beta-testing phase.

Economist Alex Krüger Outlines ‘Picture Perfect Bullish’ Setup for Bitcoin As List of Indicators Signal Reversal


Closely followed economist Alex Krüger is highlighting a strong macro bullish setup for Bitcoin (BTC) as crypto markets continue rallying into the week.

South Dakota Governor Moves To Block CBDC Bill That Excludes Crypto Assets From Definition of Money


South Dakota governor Kristi Noem has vetoed a bill that aims to exclude digital assets from the legal definition of money – with the exception of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Investor Who Called Crypto Bottom Says Other Projects ‘Less Explosive’ Than Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL)


An investor who correctly called the 2022 crypto bottom says that Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) are ahead of the curve when it comes to pulling in more users.

DeFi Altcoin Defies Crypto Downtrend, Surges 51% This Week Amid Skyrocketing Trading Volume


An under-the-radar decentralized exchange (DEX) altcoin jumped by 20% on Friday, defying a nearly universal crypto market downtrend.

Bitcoin Bounces at $20,000 As Biden Administration Fights 50 Million American Citizens Who Own Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin just bounced off a historic line of support at $20,000 as the Biden Administration launches an all-out assault on cryptocurrency and the 50 million American citizens and voters who own digital assets.

Whales Move Over $800,000,000 in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Polygon – Here’s Where the Crypto Is Headed


Crypto whales are moving Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and two other digital assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars in multiple transactions.

Fed Triggers Bitcoin and Crypto Flash Crash As Jerome Powell Declares Rates Could Rise Higher Than Expected


Comments from US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sent global markets and Bitcoin into a free fall on Tuesday. But so far, BTC has bounced back.