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Economist Alex Krüger Outlines ‘Picture Perfect Bullish’ Setup for Bitcoin As List of Indicators Signal Reversal

Alex Krueger, a high-profile economist, noted that BTC's macroeconomic bull market was mainly strong as the password market rebounded again this week.

'Nobody can imagine a more perfect price fluctuation for the most valuable digital currency, 'Mr. Kruger said in an article to his more than 151000 Twitter followers.


If CZ (Zhao Changpeng) drew this data chart, he must be one of the best painters in Bitcoin history, because data charts rarely get a more perfect picture.

The analyst listed eight reasons why BTC's current market structure has been alarmed by a bullish reversal, including a green turn in longer-term indicators, a typical rebound from the 200-day moving average, and a small portion of the gas that sits right above friction resistance at this stage.

"--nearly months of integration-- the value of the moment of momentum index is changed to-Historical time trading volume is relatively large at the bottom-when the trading volume is very large, it is higher and lower.-flooded candles with higher volume-bounce back from 200 dma-the top of the category overlaps with 200 WMAThe volume of the gas is at the top. "

Finally, the anticipated interest rate determination at the Fed meeting is likely to serve as a metal catalyst for Bitcoin selection, Krueger said.

The Fed meeting should determine the direction.

The chart shows the route with the least friction resistance.

The closely watched analyst predicts that by the end of 2023, macro factors such as inflation and interest rates will become more conducive to risky assets such as data encryption.

"the road to the biggest European loss lies ahead.

-CPI [Consumer Price Index] remains consistent-FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee] 25bps-- FOMC will shift its focus from dots to financial institutions-worry about the final brick of the wall in the short term = > strong April-by the end of the year, the decline in the rate of inflation gradually exceeded expectations-A happy ending in 2023

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