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Financial Giant Credit Suisse on Verge of Collapse As Bitcoin Banking Narrative Takes Hold

As anxiety about the safety of the modern banking management system spreads around the world, a large bank is now on the brink.

Credit Suisse shares have tumbled 25 per cent in the past 24 hours, mainly because, according to media reports, its largest shareholder, National Bank of Saudi Arabia, has determined that it will "never" apply to the desperate bank and introduce a large number of assets.


Credit Suisse shares fell so fast that trading in the German and Swiss stock markets was suspended automatically, according to UPI.

Before that, according to media reports, the bank's customers gradually got a lot of cash at the end of last year.

The bank also expects a significant blow to its profits after a user breaks his contract in a margin notice.

Previously, two large and medium-sized foreign regional banks, the Silicon Valley Bank of the United States and the signing Bank, were shut down by the US federal government.

During various suspensions, the Biden government pledged that all depositors would also be maintained and announced the establishment of a new lending system dedicated to lending to banks that need large amounts of assets to stay in business.

The banking woes have contributed to a rapid rise in the price of BTC, which was established under a secret name after the 2008 financial turmoil as a comprehensive alternative to banks.

Google's trend that Bitcoin is the antidote to the general banking industry seems to be invincible.

In the past week, the global search index for the word "Bitcoin Bank" soared as the price of Bitcoin jumped from a low of $19662 on Friday to a high of $26111 on Tuesday.

Bitcoin performs immediate, timely and largely free point-to-point migration around the world in the form of digital currency Bitcoin.

Instead of asking for qflp according to the code's monetary system, it depends on the rest of the world, adding momentum to the Internet and supporting Bitcoin with her own money.

After meeting this year's high, BTC fell back to $24260 at launch, down 6.6 per cent in the past 24 hours.


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