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Investor Who Called Crypto Bottom Says Other Projects ‘Less Explosive’ Than Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL)

ETH and Solana take the lead in attracting more customers, according to an investor at the bottom of the 2022 login password.

In the latest interview released by Raoul Parr, a leading macroeconomic expert on Real Vision TV programs, Charles Bermoltek, a partner of venture capital firm PlaceHolder, indicated that in the use of network effects, the development potential of encrypted assets to compete with Etherum and Solana markets is relatively small.


According to Burniske, although interoperable blockchain technologies like Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (Atom) make more "logical" design choices, they are not as attractive as Solana in Taihe County.

[Polkadot] is still in the top 20 of the Internet, and I don't think it's easy to fade, but it's important for you to be concerned about the difference between the design and application of encrypted assets, because it's a very big difference. This is what I think is very similar between ETH and Sol, as well as some other design schemes. I would say that they have made more objective or logical decisions, but they are less flammable and less vulnerable to network effects.

Burniske went on to say that he and his company are interested in the future infrastructure of blockchain and its new login password project to build decentralized applications (Dapp).

In the open market, it has been buying the next expansion. The suffering and vital infrastructure they are a football team, with plenty of assets and great liquidity. It's kind of like the collapse of the Internet. Then you can recycle Microsoft and Amazon platforms and these kinds of enterprises.

Now, at least in the start-up stage, because I have an open infrastructure in both the open market and the startup phase, I prefer applications, especially things like partial differentials, which are based on Solana. Therefore, this is a NFT [irreplaceable dynamic password] trading center, which is built on the premise of Solana, the real sense of the local experience. It's kind of like NFTs... Trading concept or Bloomberg News

[another example is] the fresh-keeping store. The vault is basically the editable natural environment in which the artist publishes his feelings for his top fans. He gradually moved from the music industry, because the music industry lost a lot of wages, because top fans can't interact with stars like they used to, and Vault is trying to create this kind of interaction in a digital environment.


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