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SEC Chair Gary Gensler Doubles Down on Stance That Every Crypto Asset Is a Security Except Bitcoin (BTC)

Basically every encrypted asset is a security, says Gamo Gensler, the current president of the American Securities Trading Association (SEC).

In an interview with New York Magazine, Gensler claimed that except for BTC (BTC), every coin is securities.


According to Gensler, all other promoters of login password assets are trying to circumvent U. S. regulators and investors who are expected to make profits.

Apart from BTC, you can find a website, you can find a group of entrepreneurs who may form their own legal entities in tax havens for offshore accounts, they may have a basic, he may try to hedge arbitrage according to his mentor, making it unmanageable or something like that.

He may first throw the tokens abroad, and then argue or pretend it will take six months to return to the United States. But fundamentally speaking, such tokens are securities, and because there is a crowd in the middle, the masses are expected to make a profit based on this group of people.

Gensler said that some login password companies are offering a wide range of services in a "mixed and contradictory" form, which is not allowed in traditional markets.

This kind of store contradiction is not allowed in traditional finance, we are not allowed to sell in the securities market, we are not allowed to sell the market in the banking industry, and we are not allowed to encrypt data. so these stores are not in line with the well-known securities law from the source and in general.

Whether he calls himself a loan or stock service project, or a trading center, they also gather millions of customers.

Shortly after being elected SEC chairman in 2021, Gensler made it clear that "many login passwords are definitely securities."


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