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South Dakota Governor Moves To Block CBDC Bill That Excludes Crypto Assets From Definition of Money

Agathanom, the mayor of South Dakota, vetoed a bill aimed at excluding digital money from monetary legal standards, the central bank's digital money (CBDC).

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Noem made it clear that the bill was worth denying because it was clear that he was supposed to be basically free-wheeling.


Noem also stressed that under the bill, the federal government can more easily choose CBDC, which will be the only viable digital currency.

This is sold as an update to the basic policy of UCC [uniform Business Services Code] and has been applied by all our financial companies and our own banks. As we read it carefully, I saw that part of the bill affected the definition of currency. Basically, what it does is for the government-led CBDC to take advantage of the water, and it also forbids any form of data encryption currency, BTC (BTC) or existing digital currency. So to me, this is obviously a threat to us to do whatever we want.

People use this language to spread to more than 20 other states. I think this is for the federal government to manipulate our own currency, which in turn manipulates the people to level the road. This will actually come as a shock to everyone, which is sold for the update of the UCC manual.

Noem refers to the U.S. House of Representatives Act No. 1193, which aims to change UCC in South Dakota.

The bill does not actually mention the name CBDC, but describes the currency as something that is likely to be "created by intergovernmental arrangements".

"'currency' refers to a medium of exchange that a government or other government is authorized to use at this stage. This technical term includes the establishment of monetary units of account by an intergovernmental organization and two or two agreements between our countries. This technical term does not include electronic records, which are authorized by the government in the buying and selling medium or can be transferred by data records in the system that previously lived and operated for the buying and selling medium.


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