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Bitcoin (BTC) Nowhere Near Finished Ripping, Says Top Crypto Trader – Here’s His Target

A closely watched login password analyst said that after the formation of rising market demand, bitcoin (BTC) has more room to rise.

Pseudonym investment analyst Kaleo told its 563800 Twitter followers that Bitcoin is likely to increase and test the diagonal pressure level of $27000.


He predicts that at that time, Bitcoin will continue to be temporarily retested, and the price of Bitcoin will soar further in the future.

"this market is expected to continue to spread to the cloth slash pressure level around this range of $27000, followed by a substantial correction."

Looking at its data chart, Kaleo predicts that Analytical Bitcoin will reach about 40, 000 in April, an increase of more than 54% from its current value.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin traded at $25899, falling to total demand of $19000 last week.

Kaleo shows that the market price of Bitcoin is similar to the rise in mid-to-late February, when the king's login password entered a new high.

"at this stage, the PA [market price] amazingly makes people feel the rise in mid-to-late February, which hit a new high in the range."

Kaleo has warned investors of price adjustments related to the release of the latest consumer price index (CPI) data on the morning of March 14, which is often seen as whether the Fed meeting will again aggressively push down inflation indicators.

"in any case-I will still be cautious until tomorrow's CPI statistics are released." Prices are also expected to rise-but the most typical extreme ups and downs are also expected to emerge.

With the release of the CPI database, showing signs of cooling inflation, Cassant strictly adhered to her price forecast.

"go straight to the new high of friction resistance W / range.

It's not so bad.

Kale also warned investors that alternative coins are unlikely to surpass Bitcoin in 2023 and will not become victims of cost fallacies, a trend that people will irrationally try to invest in old projects even if they are proved to be incorrect.

"be careful of the fallacy of settling costs." If the openness to Bitcoin is zero, the idea that my bag will eventually catch up with Bitcoin because Bitcoin is too boring will put you in the doldrums for most of 2023.

But Mr Cassant shows that alternative currencies are about to usher in a new chapter in the coming year.

"2024 / 2025 is another matter."


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