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Bittrex CEO Predicts ‘Aggressive’ Institutional Adoption of Crypto As Big Players Exploit Opportunities

Frederick Lynch, CEO of Bittrex Global, predicts that traditional financial giants will actively choose passwords to seize the development opportunities brought by the industry.

In a new interview with Skins Melk, the head of the leading password trading center said he expected leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs to quickly play a bigger role in the password industry.


'i firmly believe that the choice of encryption algorithms by institutions will not easily harm data encryption, but will accelerate the pace of independent innovation, 'Mr. Lynch said.

They will come, they can try to beat everyone, they will be more innovative. He will become more and more sarcastic. He will use their weight to challenge the impossible more bravely. This makes the industry better and better. This brings better opportunities for us. Yes, the process is undoubtedly sad, because the war is sad. But this is neither a password resistance Goldman Sachs, nor a password resistance institution. This is a game to see who can do better.

Lynch predicts that many strategic partnerships will be formed between traditional financial institutions and password units.

Historically, such large enterprises have been a major driving force for innovation. Are they a little old-fashioned now? Is it a bit slow to select them at this stage? A better one, absolutely. But in fact, when they stop fighting with them, and everyone stops fighting with them, great changes will happen. Let's discuss cooperation and collaboration together.

He stressed that during the bear market, many financial giants took action to create password units within the company, fully preparing for the improvement of the industry.

"one of the big topics in this bear market is institutional enthusiasm for passwords. Every large bank now has a substantial password unit, not only for trading, but also for strategic partnerships. This is a good little story. Everyone loves the good guys and the bad guys, and everyone likes to declare war with the bad guys at Goldman Sachs. But in fact, they are not the worst ape giants. They are the people you must recruit.

Show each other a way to do this, which will allow them to make money, and I assure you, they won't stand in the way. He will try his best to make use of this opportunity.


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