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Here’s What Crypto Will Look Like in 2030, According to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

CoinbaseCEO Bobby Armstrong predicted the password situation in 2030 and predicted "substantial progress" in a number of areas.

In an interview with the latest release of Bankless, the head of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States said that with the obvious development of technology, he plans to have 1 billion digital currency customers around the world by the end of the decade.


"2030. I think that by then, we will make substantial progress in many areas. I think blockchain technology will be more scalable. I think a lot of ease of use will be there. You just need to send it to someone's domain name service or all other specifications. Everywhere in the world today, payment will arrive immediately with less than a penny. These are the most important items.

'i firmly believe that the central bank's digital money (CBDC) will become more and more widespread by 2030, and I hope that the existing stable money will play the role of CBDC in the United States, 'Mr. Armstrong said.

I think we will see more central bank digital money. Hopefully, in all kinds of smooth systems that follow the rules and are only encouraged by dollars in the United States, the United States is basically grandfathers, and they have in fact become the CBDC of the United States.

Many of Armstrong's predictions include that other countries will learn from El Salvador and use passwords as currency.

I think we are going to see more encryption algorithms used in our country all over the world. Just like we did to El Salvador. I think we're going to see, in fact, what the forecast is that I don't know by 2030, but at least some other companies, if not some or even medium-sized ones, may even gradually choose data encryption as a form of legal compliance currency.

He thinks that by 2030, password technology startups will be launched, assuming that passwords will achieve some functions in the main functions.

"We used to call them Internet startups. But now you just call it a start-up. Every startup uses the Internet. I don't think there will be a data encryption startup by 2030. Only every startup uses passwords in some way, way, or form, whether to raise money, deduct money from users, or create their community or something else.

In the end, Armstrong predicts that encryption algorithms and innovative applications will be more widely used in the Web3 industry.

Hopefully by 2030, there will be more than 1 billion people in the world every day according to Coinbase and others around the world. And other commodities to browse the open financial system.

You are likely to see a completely different type of application built in Web3 with this new decentralized approach. By 2030, it will be a daunting task. But I don't think it's impossible.



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Here’s What Crypto Will Look Like in 2030, According to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is giving his predictions for the state of crypto in 2030, forecasting "substantial progress" in a number of areas.

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