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Here’s Why Ethereum Is Not a Security, According to Crypto Think Tank Coin Center

Coin Center, a login password advocacy group, explains why it feels that ETH is not a security, although New York State Attorney General Letitia James gives the opposite view.

In the lawsuit against access to password trading center Kucoin, Attorney General James argued that ether is a security that relies on third-party developers to actively generate profits for holders.


The attorney general called ETH "a foreign exchange speculative asset" and put the leading blockchain intelligent contract platform with the new bankruptcy login password project Terra (King Luna) and algorithmic stability TerraU.S. (UST).

Neeraj Agrawal, head of communications at Coin Center, refuted NYAG's claim and said the Chinese think-tank's view of the ether had not changed.

Obviously, people don't like the New York City Stock Exchange's claim that ETH is a security. The coin center will monitor the case, and we will participate if we have the opportunity to participate.

In 2018, the Mint Center published an online article explaining why it felt that the ether was not a kind of security. The group argues that while Etherum often meets a key point in Howey testing when it goes public in 2014, the current ETH is not a security.

Within the Howie framework, if a person invests this money in an ordinary company and is correctly guided to profit from the efforts of sponsors, advertisers or other third parties, buying and selling means a kind of "investment agreement".

According to Coin Center, the ether is "too effective and too decentralized" in current iterative updates, and ETH's value does not depend on the diligence of identifiable third parties to make money.

The value of the Ethernet and the function of the Ethernet network do not depend on the [Ethernet] charitable foundation, but from the persistent efforts of hundreds of individual developers, mining and users. He said:

Confusing pre-order with the Internet in use is a confusing interpretation, and it is likely to be a technical or legal misunderstanding, or both.

At the time of this writing, the etheric transaction price was $1466.


Here’s Why Ethereum Is Not a Security, According to Crypto Think Tank Coin Center

Crypto advocacy group Coin Center is doubling down on its stance that Ethereum (ETH) is not a security, despite claims to the contrary coming from New York Attorney General (NYAG) Letitia James.

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