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Macro Guru Raoul Pal Picks ‘Perfect Setup’ for Crypto Markets, Updates Ethereum, XRP and Solana Outlook

Raoul Parr, chief executive of Real Vision, believes that investors should be concerned about new data encryption projects such as data autocracy, rather than assets or technological advances.

The former Goldman Sachs executive pointed out in a new online article that the login password ecosystem is the Internet that creates real value and external use value.


In his view, the Bitcoin Internet was created above the standard that Bitcoin is a separate monetary system that will not be affected by government corruption.

It strives to maintain the integrity of its agreement (its mode of operation of social development), so it avoids independent innovation in the name of purity. Think of the Bitcoin economy as the Catholic Church or Golden Bug Community in the Dark Ages. There is only one creator or one asset in the world. As far as the bitcoin economy is concerned, the only asset that exists is Bitcoin. So if you want to equip the economy with assets, your only option is to own bitcoin (Hodl [Hold For Live Life)].

PAL shows that, by comparison, ETH networks and complex foreign economies have more in common.

In this system, it is also possible to gradually buy ETH with deflationary supply, which means that the supply of ETH may decrease over time. For this reason, its' central bank'(chip) persistent and responsible fiscal policy is committed to ensuring that the value of use is maintained rather than reduced.

PAL stressed that betting on ETH is like buying Treasuries with the US government, while decentralized finance (Defi) is similar to riskier commercial banks. The Real Vision CEO predicts that over time, the greater diversity of the etherland economy will make it higher than the Bitcoin economy.

PAL also compares Solana (SOL), a competitor of XRP and Etherum, with their respective people's economies.

For example, we can think of XRP as the United States: an economy with a long history, though vital and mature, has not improved rapidly due to lack of innovation.

On the other hand, Solana may be in South Korea shortly after the Asian financial turmoil, when South Korea's loan currency and stock market plummeted. This is an unprecedented opportunity, which has been better than Yuan and SPX for six years. However, it can not stand the baptism of time. It is unable to sustain its outstanding main performance. Who would have guessed how Solana might develop?

He finally checked the total market value of the login password asset, saying that because it is located in the middle of two long-term support lines, the asset is now shining "a perfect setting".


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