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MetaMask Enhances Privacy With Mobile DApp and Browser Extension Upgrades

MetamAsk has introduced new upgrades to its mobile app and browser extension to fix privacy breaches encountered by users using the most popular data-encrypted wallets.

A new MetaMaskMobile now allows users to pick which account in their wallet should be closely related to blockchain Technology Application (DAPP), MetamAsk said in a statement.


Previously, when a user transferred to DAPP, all accounts in the wallet were automatically connected. MetamAsk shows that a new user page can be switched between a wallet and a web page with one click in a mobile application, providing more control and clarity when choosing which accounts should be transferred to or disconnected from special applications.

"each account and DAPP connection is maintained separately in the browser tab, even when a new tab is opened. As a result, each account can be easily disconnected with its corresponding tab.

Upgrading updated browser extensions also gives users maximum control over their own data information and limits the information sent to third-party services. High-end equipment settings can now choose to prohibit the use of one of the functions of sending data to third-party API.

By default, this option is turned on because it is additional specific content of the feeling, but can be turned off for any reason: transfer to buying and selling, phishing attack inspection, pick and customize the Internet.


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