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1. This website is an open information release platform. According to the keywords submitted by users and the instructions issued by users, the automatically generated text, pictures and other contents are all for the purpose of disseminating beneficial information to the public by means of non-manual retrieval. Engine technology automatically includes the income, it does not mean that the website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content, this website does not make any form of guarantee for its scientificity and seriousness.

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3. If the website finds or receives complaints from relevant rights holders that the text, pictures, audio, video and other content uploaded, published and shared by users infringe the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others, the website has the right to delete the infringing content or take other restrictive measures , and reserves the right to transfer it to relevant administrative agencies for processing. The website does not assume all losses or other legal liabilities arising therefrom, and has nothing to do with disputes between users and relevant rights holders.

4. This website is provided in accordance with the status quo that the existing technology and conditions can achieve. The website cannot identify and promise that the information you need can be achieved through the website. It does not guarantee that the search results meet your requirements, and does not guarantee that the search service will not be modified. , interruption or termination, does not guarantee the security, correctness, timeliness, legality and comprehensiveness of search results and the information you obtain by using the service. This website is also constantly improving and optimizing technology. Better provide the service you need.

5. You understand that this website cannot foresee and prevent technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to service interruption caused by force majeure, network reasons, communication lines and other reasons, and the website does not assume any legal responsibility.

6. This website is fully aware of the importance of personal information to you, and always respects and protects user privacy and the security of personal information. We will use encryption technology to anonymize your registered user name, mobile phone number, email address and other personal information. Processing and other technical measures and other security measures that match the website and related services for protection. We will not voluntarily disclose or share it with third parties without your permission or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The website reminds you: the keywords you enter when using the search engine will not be considered as your personal privacy information, more about the protection of users' personal information. Once you leave the website and browse the third-party webpage, no matter whether you log in, browse or use the above-mentioned third-party webpage based on the link or guidance of the website, we will not have the ability and direct obligation to protect any personal information you submit on the third-party webpage, please be careful Identify and protect personal information.

7. If any website does not want to be included in the website (that is, not to be searched), please add a refusal to be included in its website page according to the Robots Exclusion Protocol. If no feedback or mark is made, this website will follow the It is customary to treat it as an indexable site.