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Why Huobi Token (HT) Is Swinging Wildly Today


Huobi crypto exchange's native token HT (CRYPTO: HT) was down over 18% on Thursday evening, following wild swings earlier in the day. What Happened: At 3:45...

Huobi Cloud Wallet will be shut down permanently in three months – Cryptopolitan


Huobi, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has quietly announced the shutdown of its cloud wallet, Huobi Cloud Wallet, formerly known as...

Controversial Tron-Based Altcoin Skyrockets 39,500% After Launch on Crypto Exchange Huobi


An altcoin recently launched on crypto exchange Huobi has exploded exponentially since being listed.

Crypto collapse: DCG's problem is Grayscale, FTX Bahamas agreement, DeFi trading arrest, Silvergate Bank, Huobi ...


Our third epic newsletter in a week! Some weeks are like that. This one's over at Amy's blog. [Amy Castor]. In this episode:.

Top search|"Huobi network" cut leek with data smash? Investor rights protection!


On March 20, the investor said that the Huobi system broke down, and the investor account could not be transferred during a surge, so some users burst their positions and could not withdraw orders.

Top line|Huobi operation staff went to sea collectively, Huobi encountered the biggest test after 94


The weather is changing in the digital currency industry, and the old hot coins are taking off on the wave of bitcoin. Now, when it comes to Huobi, negative news emerges one after another, filled with a strong sense of crisis.

Top search|Huobi (HECO) chain = chive chain? Is the new AVAT project worth the investment?


Decentralized mining has led to a boom in on-chain trading on many exchanges. Uniswap and Sushiswap were introduced before, and BSC was introduced after. Huobi also launched its own ecological public Chain Huobi ECO Chain (hereinafter referred to as Heco)

Top search|Huobi Li Lin disappeared 80 days, under the leadership of Du Jun the Huobi into a mess


The recent boom in the bitcoin market has been extraordinary. You wake up every day and see bitcoin rising again, and the shock after it broke $40,000 does nothing to affect the great bull market that history will remember.

Top search|Millions of bitcoin players' lawsuit against Huobi has been dismissed


According to the official website of the Haidian Court, a bitcoin player sued Huobi for a loss of 217,194 yuan. The Haidian court recently accepted the case and rejected the plaintiff's lawsuit due to an arbitration clause in the user agreement.

Top search|Huobi nine SINS of 7:User privacy Leakage


From 2019 to 2021, a large number of Huobi users suffered economic losses due to online fraud, as their personal privacy was compromised when registering Huobi.

Top search|Behind the frozen card tide, Huobi illegal funds was at play


In June, the frozen card tide in the currency circle in the public are unprepared, with a kind of attitude hit, hit the circle of investors a surprise, panic suddenly swept the whole crypto market.

"Bull market" to "bear market" Huobi OK one after another explosion, how far can exchange go?


Although the currency circle "9·4 nightmare" has passed, but left a negative effect has always become the shadow of the industry, lingering......